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Rafidth ran out of the house, action figure in each hand. Both hands were involved with movements and motions clearly indicating the mock battle that was occurring between the two toys. As he ran threw the back door to play in the yard, his mother yelled to him about the recklessness of his youth and the consequences of waking his baby sister.

Fortunately for Rafidth, the figures continued their battle, for no mere mortal mother figure was going to be able to stop this titanic battle. Colos-Ax was able to disable Mega-Cannon's thermoblaster. But as luck would have it, Mega-Cannon was able to disrupt Colos-Ax's communications antenna. Now, the battle would be just between the two of them; no interruptions, no quarter given.

"Zzzapt". As the two of them clashed, Colos-Ax was able to feint a kick to the right then flash his lightening light in Mega-Cannon's optical receptors.

"Tskkt, Bssch, Thussh, Boom!" Temporarily blinded, Mega-Cannon was no match for Colos-Ax's patented giga-attack, a combination of blows, kicks and laser fire that no manmade structure can ever stand up to. Which meant that Mega-Cannon had no chance against it.

"Thummmmmvvvvv." Finally, with Mega-Cannon on the ground after the Colos-Ax`s brutal attack, Colos-Ax grabbed for the handle of his VibroAx. As his hand grabbed around the smooth, plastic molded handle of the weapon, Colos-Ax contemptuously thought, "Barely a workout… Hardly worth the time to end this." He activated the Ax with a flick of his wrist and raised it high over his head to strike that last, death-delivering blow…

"Fasshorkkt". Even though his optical sensors were blinded, Mega-Cannon had many other sensors he could rely on. In this case, he used his radar array. But since the array was built into his left leg, he needed to be on the ground in order to fully optimize it and get the whole situation assessed. However, it wasn't an instant process and he was barely able to make out the Ax that Colos-Ax was just now ready to swing down into him. He immediately turned, barely avoiding the blade. And with nothing more to lose, he lifted his leg up and pointed his hyper thrusters right into Colos-Ax's face, right where his main processor was housed. The thrust of power was designed to lift 45 tons of metal into space. Nothing could stop that fierce blast of power, not even the armored hide of Colos-Ax. Without his processor, Colos-Ax's body collapsed, never to threaten anyone again.

"Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom." Fireworks were going off, celebrating the victorious Mega-Cannon and his valiant defense of his planet.

Rafidth's mind was racing for the next adventure his favorite hero would have. His eyes were afire with the possibilities. His attention was so focused on the adventures in his mind that he didn't even register the distant booms coming from the other side of the city. As he gazed down at Mega-Cannon in his hand, he noticed a blurred shadow on the ground. Looking up, he thought he would see a bird or maybe even a plane. Instead, he saw what Colos-Ax must have seen when Mega-Cannon fired his thrusters for the craft that flew over him fired its thrusters.

Mega-Cannon seemed to have found his match for the D'ylani had come to invade.