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Hope you all had a happy fourth.  I have a new author to share with you all!! This is part one of a fantasy novel by an author know only as F.R. Underhill. It is a Marvelous piece of work and I am sure you all will enjoy it. Also here are some new parts to Battle for the Grand and Prophyia's Twins for you all to enjoy along with a short prolouge to a new story by the now infamous Dr. Dread. And as always keep those submissions coming!!
Angel of Death
The Hidden Kingdom of Tole-mac
Battle for the Grand Part II
Porphyia's Twins Part III

June 28th 2000
We have another great story for you all to enjoy. This one comes from Peter J Welmerink and is fantastic. It is also another long one so I will be posting it in pieces, mostly just to leave you all hanging for more. I also posting parts 3 and 4 of Porphyia's Twins Written by Kathleen Hazel Reardon. Enjoy!!
Battle for the Grand Part I
Porphyia's Twins Part II
June 10th 2000
Well I have worked on the site layout and design for a while so please tell me what you think of it.  (I.E. sign the guest book)
I have also found some great new stories to post for your reading enjoyment.

Porhyia's Twins: It's a new Drama/Action Buffy the Vampire Slayer kinda thing or as the author puts it "Trying to bring a little science to the world of  demons and vampires"
Relentless: A great start to a new Sci-fi story
 May 15th 2000
Since this is a relatively new site I am still working on the design and layout. Please feel free to E- mail me and give me suggestions. I have also just posted it so the only story that is posted here so far is the first chapter of a fantasy novel I have begun entitled The Hoard.