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Part 1/11: Are You Sitting Comfortably…

Buffy came home after school she would be going out later. She opens the door and yelled "Hi Mom"

"In here" came the reply from the kitchen

Buffy went over to the kitchen. Sat around the table was her mom and two other people a girl about her age she was short with long dark brown hair she was very pale and looked quite tired she was wearing a long blue denim dress and a woman about her mom's age. "This is Pat Masters and her daughter Sarah they have just moved in across the street," She said

"Where from" Buffy asked

"New York" Sarah sighed

It was obvious that she hadn't wanted to move but there was something more

"Buffy are you going out tonight," her mom asked

"Yes I said that I would meet Willow and Xander at the Bronze" Buffy replied

"The Bronze" Sarah inquired

"It's a night club" Buffy replied

Sarah looked at her mom asking, "Could I go?"

"I don't think so," she said.

Sarah slumped in her chair. Buffy wondered why Sarah's mom wouldn't let her out she'd expected that she was going to be asked to escort her around.

"Will you be going to the Sunnydale high"

"No" Jessica Sarah's mom said?


"I want to tutor her at home"

"Buffy how was your day" Joyce said with a look that said don't push it

"It was fine, I've got to get ready"

Dana was waiting in the entrance to the gym of Sunnydale high, She was waiting for her Boyfriend and it was late,

"Hurry up" she said to the unresponsive corridor she leaned against one of the walls examining her nail polish she was miffed she had broken a nail.

There was a crash from the gym it made Dana jump.  She picked up her bag and opened the door "Jake is that you"

Dana moved into the darkened gym she could barely make out the other side she bumped into the bleachers at the side. There was a scuffling sound coming from the storage closet A ball bounced out across the court she picked it up and went towards the closet "Jake this isn't funny"

The door was slightly ajar she pushed it open she was beginning to wish that she had turned the light's on

"Jake I'm gonna kill you when I get my hands on you" Dana said as she reached  

"No it is I who'll be doing the killing" a voice said from nowhere

"Funny, I'm leaving now," Dana said unnerved

She moved for the door as she did so the door shut

"You're going nowhere," the disembodied voice said

Something knocked her to the floor; the someone was kneeling on her back she has her arms pinned underneath her so she couldn't move, her screams echoed throughout the gym but no one herd them.

Dana felt cold fingers moving her hair from the nape of her neck She felt something digging deep into her neck pearceing the skin. She began to feel dizzy the need to close her eyes and faid into that warm fussiness was overwhelming she finally gave in and closed her eyes moments later she was dead.

The someone was a she, she stood up wiped her mouth on the cuff of her sweater, she smiled remembering her dad telling her not to do that, that was what hankies were for.  She had sure shown him.  She shut the door and skipped across the gym, out the fire exit, and into the night.

Buffy was walking back from the Bronze taking the route passed the graveyard. When she heard a muted scream coming from near a clump of trees. In the middle of the graveyard in an instant she was over the wall she saw someone run out from behind the clump of trees. Buffy gave chase but lost what ever it was it turned the corner in to her street and then it just dissapeared, in to thin air she looked around for a wile but couldn't find it.  In the back of her Mind she had recognised it for just a second.

It had been a long day she had just had History and Maths back to back. It was raining which it didn't usually do in southern California but Sunnydale wasn't your usual town.

When Willow and Xander bounced up to her

"Where were you this morning?" Willow

"Mom's car broke down," Buffy replied as they went into the Library

"And you didn't want to walk in the rain"

"Yep, and I had to run into principal Snyder on the way in"


"He gave me a lunch time detention"

Giles appeared out of the stacks with a few books Giles was about to say some thing when there was a loud crash as the door swung back and hit the wall beside it hard Sarah stood there glaring at the offending door she turned round and simply stated "Books"  

"Well that's what you tend to find in libraries," Xander said

"Clever" She mocked and turned her attention to Giles "Sarah Masters" she said and extended her hand

"Rupert Giles and what can I do for you" Giles said taking her hand and giving it a shake.

"I've just started here so I need some books.  I need the history text book on the civil war a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin and what do you have in the line of biology books may be a medical dictionary." Sarah explained

Giles disappeared off into the stacks

"I thought that you weren't going school," Buffy asked

"Oh mom has arranged it with the principle that I can come and study in the library in the evenings"

Giles came out of the stacks with Sarah's books "I've got two medical dictionaries here which one do you want"

"I'll have them both" she then went over to the check out desk

"I'll probably see you later on this evening or if I can persuade my mum to let me go to this Bronze place." Sarah said and smiled she then added quietly "I'm sure there's a better chance of seeing pigs fly"

Xander said "Round here that's quite possible"

"So who are you" Sarah asked

"I'm Xander this is Willow,"

"Are you expecting winter to come early" Willow said noticing how well rapped up she was.

Sarah was wearing a long skirt with thick black tights and a jumper with a pare of gloves and she had sun glasses on with a cap pulled low over her face the shadow covering her face

Giles came out of the stacks with Sarah's books "I've got two medical dictionaries here which one do you want"

"I'll have them both" she then went over to the check out desk

Giles checked out the books and handed them over

Sarah walked towards the door

"Vampires" she said turning round, "I forgot" she was surprised to see the somewhat horrified faces of them all "Book's about them. Do you have any"

"What" Giles blurted out?  

"To read" Sarah replied slightly puzzled at how seriously they were taking it

"It just seems an odd subject to be reading about" Giles said

"Oh I know but curiosity killed the cat." Sarah said

"What kind of books are after" Giles asked

"Manly historical text's maybe a local history might be useful.  There's supposed to be some kind of myth or legend attached to this town." Sarah said then grinned

"Anybody would have thought that you thought I meant real Vampires.  Any half brained numskull knows that they don't exist"

Xander, Willow and Buffy gave her a weak smile in return

"It's going to take a bit of digging to find these books you can pick them up later" Giles said

"Okay." Sarah said and marched out of the Library

"Well that was strange," Xander said

"I'll say," said Willow

"Maybe she just curious. She obviously doesn't believe in it" Giles said

"Umm" Buffy said "But still I'm going to keep a close eye on her"

Cordelia opened the gym closet to get the pom-poms and there on the floor was a dead girl so she screamed the cheerleading squad came dashing "Dana" said one of the cheerleaders

Buffy and Willow saw all the commotion. "What happened" she asked someone coming out of the gym

"Dana's dead! Someone bit her," He said

Buffy and Willow looked at each other and Buffy made a move to go into the Gym.

"And where do you think You're going" Principle Snyder

"To say Hi to me" Cordelia said coming out of the gym

Principle Snyder grunted and scowled

"Thanks" Said Buffy

Part 2/11: …Then, I Shall Begin

Half an hour later Sarah came back to the library It twilight it was nice to get out of the house for while being cooped up all day was not fun. Hopefully she could fit in a resume a relatively normal life. After the fiasco in New York she needed some peace and quiet that was why they had moved here in the first place.  

"What can I do for you" Giles asked as she entered

"Nothing I just want somewhere quiet to do some catching up" Sarah said Taking a seat at the table and pulling out her books and began to work. "Oh did you find those books I was after"

"Not all" Giles said

"Could I have a look at the one's you do have. I'm sure my algebra can wait"
Giles gave her a copy of the local history and a relatively old looking book. She pounced apon them and began reading hysterics shortly insued.

"What's so funny?" Giles asked

Buffy, Willow and Xander entered the Library followed by a woman

"There you are," She said

"What are you doing here. Mom" Sarah said Closing the book

Willow and Xander all so took a seat at the table and began making arrangements for later

"You forgot this"

"Oh sorry"

"I've got a meeting with the D.A. I'll be back at about 11'ish."

"What does the D.A. want"

"I'll tell you when I get back.  I want you to go strait home when it's dark," her mom said

"But mom that's the only time I can go out"

"I know but this is a new town and we don't know the people here"

"This isn't New York, Nothing can happen here"

"Still I don't want you out at least not for a little while. If I could take you with me to night I would, your aunt is expecting you."

"Yes mom"

"So are we all going to the Bronze tonight" Xander said

"Well I am Oz is playing" Willow said

Sarah was listening in on their conversation she intended to go. She waited untill her mom was definately out of earshot before she asked

"So where is this bronze"

"On the other side of town" Willow said

"Oh I'm sure I'll be able to find it." Sarah said

"I thought that you weren't aloud to go" willow said

"My aunt is a softy she'll let me go" Sarah put the book Giles had given her in her bag and too out a maths text book she needed to finish the algebra section or her mom would have her guts for garters.

"What about Mary's death" Xander whispered

"It was vampire okay" Buffy whispered back

"So you'll be going out hunting again to night" Xander replied

"There was something different about Mary's death"

"Like what" Giles asked

"I'm not sure"

"I'll look it up," Willow said turning on the computer, A few minuets later and she had clicked on her favourite place "Eww, why do they have to have pictures" Willow said as she selected Mary's report

"Humm" Giles said taking a closer look

"Humm what, is this a good humm or a bad humm?" Buffy asked impatiently

"Humm" Giles said this got him a look form them all "It appears that this was done by a vampire with out a set of fangs" Giles replied absently rubbing his nose.

"A toothless vampire"

"It had teeth but no fangs"

"Vampires, Fangs they go together" Xander said waving his hand around

"Maybe it wasn't a vampire, It could be someone who wanted to make it look like a vampire"

"You don't mean" Buffy started

"A human type person, might of done this" Willow said

"Eww that's tooo grose"

Sarah's insatiable curiosity had got the better of her and she got up and went over to where they were all gathered around the computer

"Mr Giles where are the maths text books." Sarah said looking at the computer screen. On it was the coroners report with pictures "Oh no."

"What you know something about this" Buffy asked

"No! not this again." said uneasily

"What do you know?" Giles said

"What are you all wannabe cops.  Trust me leave this up to the cop's.  Trying to solve their cases will only get you into trouble or worse" Sarah said she then sighed "I should know."

"What" Buffy asked

"Leave this alone you'll only get into trouble"


"Trust me on this one, Okay"

"Have you seen this kind of thing before?" Giles asked

"I think I better go now," Sarah said picking up her books and leaving. She almost ran out of the library

"What's her deal" Xander said watching her go

"Don't know" Willow said

"She definatly knows something," Giles added

"She comes from New York" Buffy explained

"Let's check her out" Xander said Buffy and Willow gave him a look

"Okay," Willow said turning back to the computer "Hey look at this"

On the computer screen there was copy of the New York Times the headline stated NEW YORK'S VAMPIRE UNMASKED.

Willow began to read the article out aloud
"Washington Junior High for the past three months has been terrorised by a spate of bizarre exsanquinations.  Some believed this to be the work of a vampire or a satanic cult. It turned out to be a high school junior Anna Masters. (Shown in the picture opposite)" the picture opposite was of Sarah Masters "Sadly Detective David Masters the officer in charge and the girls father, was killed in pursuit of this case. An anonymous tip given to his partner allowed for her to be brought to justice she was sentenced to life inprisiment with out parole in a prison for the criminally insane." Willow read

"So she's really called Anna and she wants to be a Vampire." Xander said

"So we have someone who wants to be a vampire" Buffy said

"I take it staking them would not be advisable" Xander said

"Not if she's still alive that would be murder," Giles said

"So then what do we do" Buffy asked

"Turn her over to the authorities" Giles said

"She said she was going to the Bronze" Willow said

"Let's start there," said Buffy