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Part three/11: Deja Vu

The Bronze was just beginning to swing in to life for the evening. It was full of people having a good time there was a band playing. When Buffy, Willow and Xander arrived taking the back entrance. Buffy was half hopping that Angel would show up. When she tripped over a dead body "Eeuw" Buffy and Willow said together

He had been bitten.  Her senses told her that there was a vampire close by she could tell. Silently, quickly she pulled a stake very conveniently from her pocket

"Go inside and stay there" Buffy whispered urgently

Willow and Xander ran inside as quietly as they could.

Buffy was alone, not that she was afraid, but her vampire sense was slowly clicking up a knoch.

It was so quick, so routine, so boring! The vampire came from above and landed standing on two feet in crouch position Buffy spun round to face it.

"Ah! Smart move but you were a little off in your aim, just a little to the left and you could have got me!" Buffy taunted

Buffy felt a crashing pain in her head and when she opened her eyes she was lying on her back staring strait in to the eyes of two, very thirsty vampires. Now her hart began to pound and her stomach knotted.

She could fight them off easily, but her head throbbed and it was a great temptation to close her eyes and take a nap.  

When Buffy reopened her eyes she saw one of the vampires fly through the air and hit a wall hard.

Buffy felt a surge of her own strengthened kicked the second vampire into the garbage cans to join his gruesome friend.

Buffy felt for the stake in the darkness, she touched he gravely alleyway sidewalk, she felt a hand a familiar grasp helping her up.

"You might want this," another familiar male voice smoothly said.


Quickly Buffy acted, she ran up to the Two unconsious vampires, did the job and watched them disintegrate into dust.

Urgently Buffy turned around, looking for Angel; he had saved her live again and disappeared    

After she had dispatched the Vampire she went to check if Xander and Willow were okay, but Xander had come out to check on her.

"Way Cool" came a voice from behind she was clapping

Sarah was standing there but there was some thing about her hair was longer unwashed and unbrushed and she was wearing raggedy blue jeans with a grey sweater she was bare foot her eyes betrayed her obvious insanity.  She stretched her hands out in front of her bending her inodinatly long fingers back.

"Bet you couldn't whaop my ass like that" she cackled displaying a full set of redy brown teeth complete with a set of fangs

"I have no intention of whaoping any one" Buffy said

"Well you certainly whoaped those guy's and that wasn't very nice was it" she said brushing her hair behind her pointed ears and grabbing something from behind her and brought foreword a sward

"Now Sarah wait a minuet" Buffy said trying not to sound alarmed


"Okay" Buffy said

"En garde" she said getting into position "Oh you not got a sword. Too bad"

Buffy positioned herself in a balanced stance, there was a remote chance she could win with just a stake, but it was a precarious position to be in, Sarah was clearly deranged, and that to Buffy meant a passionate person fought better.  Sarah viciously swiped horizontally, it was a quick, practised strike with deadly precision, Buffy clung tightly to her stake that was still in her coat pocket, and maybe she could surprise Sarah in her current state of dementia.

Again Sarah striked this time narrowly missing Buffy's stylised hair cut.

"You can ruin my dress, or my shoes, but hey deranged lady - leave the hair alone!"

Taking advantage of Sarah's slightly of balance pose from her latest attack gave Buffy the opportunity to strike out with her stake, but Sarah was quick.  She turned around knocking Buffy to her knees as she attempted to evade the deadly blade, a moments delay and it would be fatal.  Buffy scurried back, her brain urging her to rise to her feet but every time she tried she had to dodge out the way of the oncoming blade, that was coming closer and closer.  Buffy urgently raced and ducked between Sarah's balanced open legs and pushed her forwards.  Sarah fell ungracefully on her knees and turned viciously round, her eyes wild and dangerous and not like the pair of eyes she had previously looked into - she was serious.

"Don't push me slayer, don't play with me slayer, don't push me slayer, don't play with me slayer," Sarah chanted louder and louder each time.  It took all of Buffy's self control as Sarah slowly circled her, each step meaningful and stealthful, when would she strike!

Buffy soon found out, she was so quick there wasn't even a remote possibility the she could evade the blade and Buffy felt a piercing pain in her left arm, glancing down she saw quite a deep gash oozing blood.  This was revenge, Buffy turned round on her knees, ready to face the blade again, but with a stake that gave her a chance - but there was no blade waiting for her.  There must be some mistake, Buffy checked again, had she got her sunglasses on, or was Sarah at a position that wasn't visible from Buffy's crouched position in the alleyway.

Sarah had gone. Buffy picked her self up and turned to go back to the Bronze. Nursing her arm with a piece of her dress she skilfully ripped off, it wasn't too bad, it had mostly stopped bleeding, it wasn't as deep as it appeared to be on first inspection.  She needed an urgent meeting with Giles Sarah was deranged

"Hey wait up" came a familiar voice it was Sarah

Smartly dressed wearing a long denim dress her shoulder length hair was held up in a clip on top of her head so it looked like a fountain.

Buffy didn't think Two fights in one evening and she was ready enough to make it a third. So she just charged at Sarah stake at the ready

Sarah neatly side stepped her at the right moment and Buffy plowed into the trash cans and landed in a disgruntled heap on top of a mall formed lid

Sarah bent down to see if she was okay and to help her up."  Is this the usual way of greeting people?" Sarah said extending her hand.

Buffy helped her self up not taking Sarah's hand

Sarah noticed the stake in Buffy's hand she tensed remembering her chest went tight.

"What are you doing" Sarah asked.

Willow came out of the bronze hopping that the fight would now be over.

"Sarah Hi" Willow said noticing her before she noticed the looks on Xander and Buffy's face's

"Is she always like that" Sarah said indicating Buffy "Charging at people with stakes"

Willow shrugged unsure how to answer the question

"But you were here just a minute ago and you were we were," Xander said making fighting motions with his hands

"Oh my god! No no" Sarah said as she caught sight of the body behind Buffy.  She put it together with what Xander had just said.  It had had followed her here.  It had escaped. Sarah knew what she had to do.  Sarah bolted back the way she had come she ran down an Ally way and hid behind some trashcans. Cursing it, her. She didn't even want to grace it with a name. It, It was a thing not a person certainly was not her sister.

She held her breath as she heard voices at the entrance to the ally way.

"Where did she go?" Xander asked

"I don't know" Buffy said.

"Let's go and see Giles" Willow said "And you need to get that arm checked out"

Sarah still held her breath long after they had gone. The last thing she wanted was for the crazed teen to find her or her deranged twin.  She needed to find help her mom wasn't going to be back until late.  Sarah would contact her friends in New York if things got any worse, If Anna had escaped she would need all the help she could get. They had made a pact that they would help each other no mater what. That thing called Anna her sister had killed Mary their friend, her father, his partner and made a dam good try at her and she wouldent stop there.  They all wanted revenge they would get it, she would call Stephanie and she would get the agency together again. But first she needed to make sure that Anna was back in town and find her if possible. Then Sarah realised that was what the meting was about with the DA. About her sister escaping. She didn't want to go to the police they already thought that her and her mom were making their story up.  They had moved here for peace and quiet, this was surely a strange place to try and find it so she had to find her on her own. Just like last time but this time She was going to fix it.