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Part 4/11: The Application of a Demon

Anna had finished her dinner; the corpse was slumped at her feet.  Anna grimaced and cleaned her teeth with her tongue.  She removed the fake fangs they were really beginning to hurt.
"I neeeed real one's" Anna said holding them up infrount of her and waggling them with disdain
When she heard a noise behind her
"Who's there?" Anna said shyly
"The real thing that you need" a man said
"Oh" Anna inquired putting the fangs back in her mouth
"Are you redy to join your friend down there" He said his face morphing into full vamp face
"Not exactly but I hope you are" Anna said getting up and turning round slowly
"What you're not the slayer are you"
"Nope, I'm not. I'd sure hate to bump into her in a dark ally" Anna lisped these fangs gave her a terrible lisp, she smiled showing her fangs "these things really hurt do ya think you remedy this fact"
"I dunno, I'd have to ask Spike"
"Who's Spike"
"The boss"
"Well lets go see this Spike guy, I'm sure that there's lot to discuss" Anna said as she slipped her hand into his "Lead the way"
They arrived at the factory a few hours before dawn "Spike" the vampire yelled
"I'm sorry but I didn't get round to asking you you're name"
"Thomas" he replied
"What, this orta be important" Spike growled coming out of the back
"Mr Spike it's a plesure to meet you" Anna said holding out her hand
"Who is this"
"She wana be a vampire, she all ready killed some one in the park, drained them dry"
"She were very tasty to, but these things are very painful" Anna indicated to the fake fangs I could really do with a proper pair, and the fringe benefits don't seam all that bad either"
Spike was stunned "What if I say no"
"I believe you have a problem called a Slayer I could make that problem go away for the next 70-80 years interested."
"You bet, but how"
"Now that would be telling"
"Listen I'm going to fool around here I could snap your neck and drink you dry in an instant"
"I'm sure you could, I promise I'll come through for you if you'll come through for me"
"Thomas's she's yours, duff up and you're dead"
"Won't I be all ready"
Spike burst into laughter "I like ya"
"Lets go Thomas"

Anna woke she felt different she could smell things she couldn't before, she could hear the mice in the floor the birds in the loft and boy was she hungry but it was a different kind of hungry it obscured all other thoughts.
"I brought something for you" Thomas said
"You did" Anna's new senses were telling her that it was dinner.
After she had finished "Now lets get down to business,"
"Yes I'll help you with anything you need"
"I need something secure to keep someone in"
"How about that cage on the floor out there"
"That would do fine"
"I also need a Puffer fish you can get that from the Zoo and a tranquilliser gun."
"Now to get mamma"
"We need bait"

Part 5/11: The Application of Science

Sarah had been wandering around for what seamed like ages she hadn't got a clue where her sister might be she and walked around the graveyard about twice and no sign of her.  She had been to all the places that she could think of that Anna might be staying at she had just drawn a blank.  She was pacing up and down the wall that led along the side of the School sports field She had to find her before her mom found out that she was here.

Her mum has never got over what had happened in New York so they had moved to stay with her aunt. Her aunt had only just moved here a while ago.  Her aunt was a zoologist she had got the job because the last one had a tragic accident. Sarah was just s bout to give in a go home when she heard something. She looked out over the sports field and saw nothing she turned to look out on the road still nothing. Then she heard it again something was moving in the bushes she felt for her father's holster clipped to her waist it had her aunts tranq gun in it.

"ANNA" Sarah yelled

Something the noise was behind her now she spun round she wiped the gun out of it holster and some thing cold grabbed her by the ankles she pointed the gun down at it. It was a young man a bout mid to late twenties ugly as heck, he snarled up at her.

"Oh You poor thing" Sarah exclaimed "If you let go I'll get down and I'll help you,"

"Yer sure," he snarled and let go she made move to get down infrount of him but at the last minute she klonked him on the head with the barrel of her gun and ran off.
The man roared and gave chase.

Sarah could see a light on in the School; there was no way she could out run this man. Sarah began to yell


Buffy's ears pricked up. "Can you her that"

"What" willow asked?

"Someone's yelling"


"Outside" Buffy said and got up to go followed by the Willow and Xander.

"Super Buffy" Xander said as they left this earned him a glare from all of them.

", I'll...shoot" Sarah panted waving the gun in the man's direction.

He laughed. Sarah fired the dart hitting him high on the shoulder. He bared his fangs and growled. Buffy went for him and knocked him to the floor and he was out for the count

"What did you do?" Buffy asked    

"Tranq" Sarah said before she collapsed

Buffy picked up the gun

"It's a tranquilliser gun." Willow said  

"That's a unique way of doing it, It sure makes them easier to stake" Buffy said as she staked the sleeping vampire.

"Yes that's all good fun, but if she was being chased by vampires that kinda put a hexes on our original theory." Xander said

Sarah's mum gets kidnapped

They all walked back to the library Buffy picked Sarah up.  

"What the!" Giles exclaimed

As Xander, Willow and Buffy who was carrying the unconsious form of Sarah walked into the library. Buffy laid her down on the table

"She fainted after she shot a vampire with this" Buffy said handing the gun to him

"Shot that doesn't usually work."

"It's a tranquilliser gun, I could use one of those it make staking vamps a whole lot easier"      

"What's she doing with one of those,"

"So lets get this strait She shot the vampire I repeat shot the vampire with this gun, and he passed out" Xander said

"I suppose there's nothing to say that drugs don't work on vampires," Giles said

"If that wasn't Her at the bronze, who was it" Buffy suddenly said absently rubbing her arm.

"Don't know, but she's about to tell us" Willow said pointing towards the table Sarah was waking up.

Sarah opened her eyes she was lying on the table in the School library and the school librarian and the weird kids from before were standing around her.  Her head hurt but at least she could breathe now.  Sarah closed her eyes and took a deep breath and started to get up

"How did I get here?" Sarah asked eyeing them warily Carefully keeping them all in sight

"You passed out" Willow replied

"Oh yes, that crazy guy was chasing me.  I shot him, is he okay? He need's medical attention"

"He's dead." Buffy said bluntly

"HE'S WHAT!" Sarah yelled jumping of the table swaying slightly at the dizzying sensation it produced "Tranq's don't kill"

"He was dead already he was a_."

"Oh a Vampire, oh yer sure a vampire and your what the vampire slayer, Please pull the other one"

"You know" Buffy and Giles said in unison

"Know what, the only thing I know is that your all crazy, I had enough craziness in New York to last me a life time" Sarah said

"What happened in New York    

"If I tell you have to tell me what is going on, especially with this town it's crazy crazier that New York, that's saying something. Me and my sister Anna we're identical twins, we were really close untill we got sick. You see we have a rare genetic condition call Porphyia it means that we are allergic to sunlight.
A simple transfusion three times a week and a lot of iron tablets and I'm okay. Anna got it worse than me she was really ill she had to stay in all the time I could go out as long as I covered up and it wasn't very sunny or hot. Funny I used to hate the rain now I love it.

My sister started sneaking out at nights.  That's when the murders started, the first was a college student.  My father was chief of police after a bout the third murder my father was given the case. It was summer time so I was stuck inside all the time so I started doing a but of investigating my self with a couple of my friends, Anna said we were stupid.  We were really covering ground the last person we suspected was Anna That was untill we found the books under her bed, she brushed it off as a interest considering our condition,

She then over stepped the mark and killed my best friend. I figured it out and followed her out one night, to this warehouse. I tipped them off but curiosity got the better of me and I went inside I hid behind some scaffolding. I watched my sister and a few others perform some kind of ritual.  Just as they were about to kill the girl my father and his partner walked in I don't know where they came from but hundreds of people with something seriously wrong with there faces appeared, they killed his partner I could hear his screams.  Anna order them to bring my father before her then she..." Sarah's Voice trailed off

"Bit him" Buffy finished

Sarah nodded " I_I wanted so much to scream but I stopped my self that was when one of the ugly guy found me. I could her the sirens of the police cars the back up was coming he dragged me In fount of Anna.  She picked up a stake from the floor, while to other guy's were holding me she said `They'll think it was you' then she stabbed me with the stake, Thankfully she was a bad aim she missed my heart by inches, I woke up three days later in hospital"

"Harsh" Willow said

"Yep you could say that"

"So is that why you passed out"

"Yes, sever anaemia coupled with the fact that I only have one lung"


"So Anna wants to be a Vampire." Xander said

"In essence she is." Sarah said

"Huh! She either is or she isn't. I wasn't aware that there was some kind of in-between" Buffy said

"Porphyrics alone have no craving to drink blood, human or other wise. They also fail to exhibit an aversion to holy symbols, garlic, or any of the traditional banes.
But if she had on top of that Haemtodypsia a physiological fixation for consuming blood. In essence she would be a vampire." Sarah explained "So your turn"

"I'm the Vampire slayer."

"You are!" Sarah said with mock awe as she rolled her eyes

"Are you going to listen or what?"

"I'm listening" Sarah said barely able to contain the hysterics inside her

"Into each generation, a slayer is born.  One girl, in the entire world, a chosen one with the.  Strength and skill to hunt vampire's," Buffy said

"But, Vampire's don't exist its just people like my sister who have Porphyia coupled with Haemtodypsia, they are the vampire's"

"This world is older than any of you know, and contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise.  For untold eons demons walked the earth, made it their home, their hell.  In time, they lost their purchase on this reality, and the way was made for mortal animals.  For man.  What remains of the old ones are vestiges: Certain magicks, Certain creatures." Giles

"I see!"

"The books tell that the last demon to leave reality fed of a human, mixed their blood.  He was a human form possessed - Infected - by the demon soul.  He bit another and another and so they walked the earth, feeding killing.  Some mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind.  Waiting for the animals to die out and the old ones to return.

"I read that book too"

"Then you know a bit about the subject"

"Yes I know a bit about the subject, It's a load of cods wallop, Read my lips VAMPIRES DO NOT EXIST, got it"

"But they do"

"No they don't, once you're dead you're dead, there's just decay, Zip nothing, that's it, your dead." Sarah said pushing her self to her feet "It's been a pleasure talking to you, I'm going to go home now.  I suggest that you all go and find your selves some shrinks" She let the door slam on her way out

"Is she for real"