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    He had been pushed around all through his miserable existence on earth and now he was getting the shaft again in the afterlife. It wasn't as though he didn't enjoy his work now it was just so monotonous. Causing pain and death to those who didn't follow the simple orders that the master had given actually was quite enjoyable. He loved to watch them scream out in pain and beg for their miserable lives that weren't their own anyways. They had been bought and paid for a long time ago for their own petty wishes. Good looks here more money there, it was all so pitiful, but that was how the master had gotten all of them.

    The man sitting in the chair before him was no different than any of the thousands before him. He had wanted power and wealth from the company he worked for and was given one small task to complete. Killing the Governor should have been simple, the plan and the weapons had been given to him and would have worked beautifully, but he had decided not to fulfil his part of the contract. And now here he sat bleeding and moaning, hands and feet bound to a metal chair, trying to shout out through the tape over his mouth. No doubts in Plaugus's mind that he was pleading for another chance. "I swear I'll take care of it, I promise. Just give me another chance he would say." Yep he had heard `em all over the years.

    "So let me see if I have this all correct. You contend that you had come up with your own plan as to how to kill Governor Folley and that you were going to carry it out tomorrow? A highly suspicious story to say the least. Well let me tell you what I will do for ya. I will take you down to see the Dark Master and you can explain this all to him personally." Plaugus turned his back on the man at this. He loved this part. It usually took no more then three or four seconds for them to think over the idea of going into the depths of hell and come before Satan himself to explain their actions.

    "And two, and three, and four" he counted off in his head "and here it comes." It was clear that what came pouring from the mans mouth was NOOOOOOOOOO, PLEEEAAASSSE, NOOOOOO!

    Plaugus turned with a knowing smirk on his face and walked the two steps to the chair where the man was still screaming and fighting to break loose of his bonds. Pulling back the hood of his dark robe to expose his gaunt pale face and shaven skull he leaned down and came face to face with the terrified man. His lips peeled back into a smile, showing a mouthful of pointed yellow teeth. "Then you leave me no choice in the matter. Contract terminated."

    The man stared in terror, sweat dripping from his brow onto his blood stained dress shirt. Plaugus threw back his arms as long metallic blades unsheathed themselves from the flesh of his forearms. The blades glistened under the low lights of the warehouse. Plaugus drew both arms up and came down, slashing though the mans neck and abdomen. Blood poured from the wounds and the mans body went limp in the chair. It always had amazed him how much blood could come out of the human body. Streams of it flowing out and down the mans body to make a large puddle on the floor beneath the chair. Plaugus retracted the blades as he watched the puddle on the floor grow.

    This was getting old, not as much satisfaction in his work anymore. At one time he had reveled in the slaughter of the untrustworthy but now it was all too easy. At least in the old days God had sent Angels of good to thwart him but he hadn't been challenged in at least three hundred years or so. There just wasn't a challenge in killing the pathetic humans anymore. He needed some sport, some excitement. He needed an enemy worthy of his power. "I am waiting, come on down and get me." He screamed to the heavens.